Wednesday, January 9, 2013


'jom gi mcD'

'er... aku tak makan mcD'

'oh apsal? boikot? kenapa kena boikot, bukan berkesan pon. sia-sia je. merugikan ekonomi negara, dan diri kau sendiri. kau tak fikir ke kalau ekonomi jatuh pasal benda ni, ramai yang akan kena buang kerja? selfish. kata memperjuangkan hak manusia. tapi saudara semuslim semelayu sendiri pon kau tak simpati...' and it went on and on and I did nothing but smiled all the way.

funny how people can be so very funny at times. kan?

when people dont eat something due to religion and principle like being vegetarian or hindu,
you can understand and apologise immediately.
when people dont wear fur and leather clothing because they believe that animals too have right not to be murdered just for having good skin and beautiful fur,
you felt guilty and throw away your fur jackets and went on riot.
when people refuse to eat meat as well as plants as it is just too cruel to eat any other living things,
you just kept silent in respect.

but when people on their own free-will, choose to boycott certain products which supported a full-fledged massacre that had been going on for more than 60 years,
the biggest open prison in the whole wide world which had killed thousands of innocents and had destroyed billions on infrastructures.
an infringement not only to human rights, but a clear cut war crime that has not been accounted for.
and you choose to go ballistic and disrespect these people?

so very funny.

why cant you respect those who boycott the same way you've respected the hindus, the animal lovers, the vegans?

what's with the bias?

if the reason you acted, the way you've acted is because those who boycotted had made you realised your own selfishness. then, shame on you! :)

as to respecting. its a two way traffics.
you cant force respect but you have to gain them.

note to those who stood up for what they believe in and hold on to their principles,
treat those who treated you badly, with kindness.
as two wrongs can never make a right.


on a different note, I now, have so much respect for people who can stand up for what they believe in, willing to die for a faith and able to balance between the ever two extremes, the dunya and the akhirat.

as I read this, I begin to fear for myself.
shifting from a giggly high school girl to a career wonder woman,
I'm afraid that I'll lose sight of what's important.
I'm afraid that I'll hate looking at myself in 10 years time.

now that what troubled me the most is
not being able to please the boss,
not being able to bring food to the table,
not being able to marry good
not being able to prosper in life
and other material worldly matters.

I began to feel like I'm at the edge of a tall cliff.
one wrong and you are gone.
one slip and you are done.

say goodbye to the world without responsibilities, liabilities and accountabilities called adolescent.
and say hello to your-responsibility-is-more-than-the-time-energy-that-you-have adulthood.


this world, as so much as we try to avoid it,
will come rolling to your feet and lure you with all its sweetness.

because this world, is the door to the hereafter.
without it, you can never enter.
and with it also, you may fall into hell.

'dunia ini adalah ladang akhirat'

thus I hail to those women who are able to make it, as a Muslim woman, Muslim wife, Muslim mum and Muslim career woman.

I pray that I will be one of those women, one day!
so oh Allah, dear Allah please, keep my heart firm on your religion.

ps: once in a while, recheck your direction and compass it right.
pps: grow up, dont just grow old.
ppps: life is the greatest teacher there is for those who are willing to learn.
ppps: a brave person is who has nothing to lose.
pppps: for you your religion. for me, mineif they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left in return for my giving up this cause, I would not give it up until Allah makes Truth victorious, or I die in His service *aum!*

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