Saturday, December 31, 2011

Till we meet again ^^

O’Allah, dear Love,

Strengthen our Faith with the light of iman

Shade us with Your Shade when there is no shade

Remind us always Your Great Love

For us to love each other only for the sake of Your Blessing

Meeting for that reason

Let this sublime love be an excellent act of worship

Cherished by us straight to Your Guidance

O’Lord, the Most Exalted,

Hold our hearts with most sincerity

Shine our ukhwah in a most wonderful and genuine manner

Guide our prayers with most obedience to You, O’Lord

Bless our wonderful ukhwah and love

Let us be there for each other

Nearer than we could’ve imagined

Giving word of encouragement when we’re down

Washing the tears when we are crying

O’Lord, O’Love, the Most Gracious,

Keep us strong

With Your Best Help

And establish our feet firmly

Follow the path of Your light

Even through the darkest of all nights

Or through the deepest of all sorrows

That we shall ultimately reach the soothing end

And please bestow on us O’Lord

Please, grant us O’Lord, the Most Bounty,

grant all our wishes, give us victories

bestow Your Mercy on us and protect us with Your Grace

love us O’dear Allah, when no one would…

May our beautiful bond bring us tranquility and wisdom

Let our love and ukhwah bring us straight to You, dear Love

And let us one day meet again in Your Paradise!

I say this special prayer to You, my Lord

I say it silently but fervently to You, my Love

For i love them as much as i love myself

And sometimes more than that

Please forgive us, dear Love

All our sins, wrongs, and transgressions, O’Forgiver

No doubt, surely Your Promise is true!

thank you
for giving me strength in all way,
for lifting me up when i'm feeling down,
for being there when I need it,
for the smile that brightens my days
for the advice throughout my days
....for the everlasting duaaa'

Salam perjuangan buat kalian menghadapi fatrah peperiksaan. Moga terus tabah dalam mengharungi mehnah dan tribulasi perjuangan. Moga kita sama-sama thabat dan istiqamah dalam jalan ini. :)

May Allah bless and and grant us sincerity along this path to Him, ameen, inshaallah.

“Ukhwah itu bukan pada indahnya pertemuan,tapi pada ingatan seseorang terhadap saudaranya di dalam doanya” -Imam Al-Ghazali


1 comment:

cikEff said...

clip tu buat akak T.T
setiap bunga2an itu akak nampak anak2 singa yang sedang berlari mengejar pelangi.
eh, antunna dah jadi singa gagah. semua sudah ada amanah tersendiri!
Allahu akbar, teruskanlah mengganjari kami atas usaha kami yang sedikit ini.
moga menjadi amal.
salam sayang <3