Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sem 1, 2011/2012, I feel you!

I wish to see the smiling face of everyone, and the marks of satisfaction everywhere.
I hope that this semester will be a better one; a sign that we have learnt a lot from the lessons of the previous semesters. No more procrastinations. No more bitterness. And certainly no more heartache.

I think, and I really think that these classes, assignments and presentations are here only to teach us patience and virtues everyday. And that they will be never ending. Not this sem, not next sem, and in fact, they will keep on coming till the end of our undergraduate pursue. And they will be in our way come high or low, at times of big motivation of flattened ones. Under the sun or heavy rains. So whatever it is, just hang on in there and let us just try our best. Better if we could put our heart in there, and try not to freak out negative reactions just to make things even worser than the worse.

I trust that we are all going through the same thing. I trust that all of us wants the same sweetness of this dunya and what's after it. I believe that all of us are working for the same goal, and reason. and I vow that we can make it together, and we can support each other..

That's...If only, we could look at all things as believers do. If only, we could walk under the limelight, the Prophetic guidance, and under the shade of the Qur'an. and if only, we could paint all those still bricks with colors of rainbow -no matter how pale it is at the first trials- and make them transformed into beautiful artworks of love and compassion.

So how to make this semester beautiful and worthwhile for all?
It is actually up to you and I, and to all of us.

#We have both academic and deeni assignments from Allah. As much as we believe that completing academic assgmt will help us as students, the same confidence sayings: Completing deeni ones will help us tremendously in our lives as mu'min, and in the afterlife. May Allah helps us. And truly He doesn't put any burden, above the ability of His servants. For He is the Most Kind, the Most Merciful.

"Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent"
Go and make it out.

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